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  1. Dear Sykepleiediskusjon-Community, You want to support the improvement of sleep quality of health care professionals & other shift workers in Norway & worldwide? I am a German social anthropologist (and daugther of a nurse) and will start my new research project on the "Matters of Sleep in (Arctic) Norway" soon (12/19). The goal of this study is to improve the sleep quality of health care professionals working in shifts. For this project I am currently looking for interview partners You are a health care professional working in night/day-shifts in a hospital/institution and are interested in contirubuting to an international research project? You work/live in the Oslo metropolitan area or in Northern Norway? You are willing to make time for an interview for app. 2x2 hours about your sleep habits in English (or German of course)? all genders, all ages/career stages, all nationalities, all health care professions welcome! I would be thrilled if you contacted me via mewes@tu-berlin.de for more information. Thank you for your interest and hope to get in touch soon! Sincereley, Julie Mewes https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julie_Mewes twitter: @jul_ie_m I ao
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