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Det er vanlig å bruke sterilt vann når man fyller ballongen til latex katetere. Er det silicon kateter pleier man å bruke glyserol. Årsaken er at ballongen kan komme til å tømme seg over tid hvis  man fyller silicon katetre  med sterilt vann. 


5.2.4 Balloon size and filling

4 C

When the catheter has been placed in the bladder the balloon can be inflated. (Fig. 2) Sterile water or sodium chloride can be used for latex catheters. Inflation of silicone catheters with water can sometimes lead to water loss from the balloon over time, with an associated risk of the catheter falling out. Some manufacturers recommend filling the balloon with a 10% aqueous glycerin solution. [21] Apart from the manufacturers’ recommendations there are no studies available about water contra glycerin in the balloon. Some catheter manufacturers provide sterile pre-filled syringes with sterile water or glycerine 10% inside the packing


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